Your sub-metering solution provider!​
We offer unparalleled technical expertise and service built from more than 100 years of industry experience.​
Fair • Secure • Dependable
We offer unparalleled sub-metering expertise and service built from more than 100 years of industry experience.​
Your smart building solutions provider​!
We offer unparalleled sub-metering expertise and service built from more than 100 years of industry experience.​

Alliance Metering Solutions offers complete solutions tailored to fit your needs for full turn-key electricity, water, thermal, and gas sub-metering.

Choose Alliance Metering Solutions for all your
sub-metering needs.

Sub-metering with Alliance Metering Solutions makes the transition easy with no-cost installation,
operation and maintenance of Measurement Canada certified metering equipment and complete services including meter reading, billing, and collection.

Customers will enjoy superior customer
 service and reliability, along with the power to monitor and control their consumption and costs. 

As a regulated utility sub-metering provider, Alliance Metering Solutions is licensed and fully regulated by the Ontario Energy Board, promising safe, dependable, and fair Metering Solutions to all our customers.

Sub-Metering is fair for all owners & tenants.

Sub-metering helps customers monitor and control their usage of utilities, individual conservation efforts improve, and overall energy-efficiency increases.

We also work with property managers, and condo boards, to improve efficiency and savings on common area utilities.

Our mission is to give our customers the power to control their consumption and take charge of their energy and environmental footprint.

Through our complete utility sub-metering solutions, homeowners, residents, property managers, and condo boards can keep their costs low while helping to conserve energy and resources.

Your building too can save energy, reduce consumption and lower costs, with support from our experienced energy management team. We’ll perform a thorough on-site assessment of your needs, consumption patterns and costs, and create a customized plan to improve the energy efficiency of your building. 

Our team will also offer continued guidance as you put this plan into action.

Alliance Metering Solutions


100+ years of technical expertise,
backed by industry-leading customer service.


Convenient, easy-to-understand billing.
Easily accessible detailed usage information.


Measurement Canada certified metering equipment.
Pay only for what you consume.

The Alliance Metering Solutions advantage

  • Full meter reading, billing, and collection services, with fair and transparent rates
  • No-cost installation, operation, and maintenance of Alliance Metering Services owned Measurement Canada certified metering equipment
  • Re-certification of the meters every 10 years at no cost
  • Separate accounts for every suite, with full online access for account changes and setup
  • A level of customer service and reliability that exceeds industry standards
  • Regulated and licensed by the Ontario Energy Board
  • 110+ years of experience and tradition

Create a more energy efficient building
with sub-metering.

Improve the marketability and value of
your building. 

Alliance Metering Solutions offers the following services:


Get a free on-site metering assessment

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