By signing and submitting this Landlord Authorization Agreement, the property owner “Landlord” of the unit(s) provided herein represents and agrees to:

  1. Accept financial responsibility for each unit(s) electricity, gas, water, thermal energy, as applicable, when a tenant occupying a unit closes their account, or the identity of the new tenant occupying the rental unit is unknown to Alliance Metering Solutions.
  2. If applicable, authorize and appoint a property manager to manage the accounts on its behalf.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, In the event the property manger defaults in any account payment obligation to Alliance Metering Solutions, the Landlord agrees that it shall assume financial responsibility for each account, and shall immediately pay all account balances as requested by Alliance Metering Solutions.
  3. Provide Alliance Metering Solutions with ten (10) business days notice of the appointment and/or change of a property manager.

*To have your Pre-Authorized Payment automatically set-up with the transfer of the properties to your name, please provide AMS with a completed Pre-Authorized Payment Application Form.