Condo Owners and Tenants

Comprehensive services for metering needs

At Alliance Metering Solutions sub-metering for condo owners and tenants is fair for all

The benefits of sub-metering with Alliance Metering Solutions.

  • Gain control over your utility bill – only pay for what you consume
  • Receive expert advice and technical support
  • Billing Accuracy

Generally, people who pay their own utility bills consume less! Just for electricity, studies have shown consumption savings of about 20% for people who pay their own bills.

Alliance Metering Solutions makes the transition to sub-metering easy with no-cost installation, operation, and maintenance of Measurement Canada certified metering equipment and complete services including meter reading, billing, and collection.

Customers will enjoy superior customer service and reliability, along with the power to monitor and control their consumption and costs. 

As a regulated utility sub-metering provider. Alliance Metering Solutions is licensed and fully regulated by the Ontario Energy Board, promising safe, dependable, and fair Metering Solutions to all condo owners and tenants. 

Making the switch to sub-metering puts you in control of your utility bills. Individually metered utilities empower customers with comprehensive data to help them, monitor, manage and pay for their own utility usage. You’re only billed for what you use.

Alliance Metering Solutions will also work with your property managers to recommend improvements that generate major cost savings on the common area utilities. This can result in further savings on your condo fees and/or rent.

Sub-Metering is a sound financial decision for the condominium corporation. 

With sub-metering, management remains responsible for only common area usage. Consumption patterns and budgets become lower, more controllable, stable, and predictable.

Sub-Metering reduces the impact of price increases on the corporation.

Owners and tenants who reduce utility usage will be less affected by any price increases. Those that choose not to conserve will pay more, but only based on their individual suite usage.

Sub-Metering increases the value of the building. 

As utility costs are unbundled, maintenance fees can be lowered, improving the marketability and value of the units and the building overall, making it easier to compete in the condominium market in our service area. 

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