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Purchasing your new electric car was a big decision. Setting up a home EV Charger doesn't have to be!

An EV Charger is installed by licensed electricians and inspected by the Electrical Safety Authority • Faster charging times • Lower prices
• Increased driving ranges.

Why Installing Level 2 an EV Charger Make Sense

EV Chargers are for people who need that additional range, whether it’s for a longer work commute, frequent trips out of town, or if they use their electric cars to offer ride sharing services, a 240v, Level 2 wall-mounted charger might be a great investment.

Your home probably has a few 240-volt outlets already.

Level 2 charging is more than twice as fast as Level 1 charging, with an overnight charge of eight hours adding over 500 km* of range to your electric car. For drivers in a rush, or for those who just put more kilometres on their vehicles daily, Level 2 charging units are a great choice. 

For EV owners who don’t have easy or reliable access to fast charging at public charging stations or in their workplace, installing a Level 2 Charger at home makes sense. 

Alliance’s certified electricians can install a 240V Level 2 charger at a convenient location in your home, to make at-home charging quicker, and easier while letting you get the most out of your electric car.

*Charging times and driving range will vary depending on the vehicle. 

Basic installation starting at

$ 1,599* CAD + HST
  • Installed by licensed electricians
  • Inspected by Electrical Safety Authority

Or rent your charger for 1
low monthly payment starting at

$ 29.99* Per month – CAD + HST
  • Installed by licensed electricians
  • Inspected by Electrical Safety Authority

*Pricing subject to change without notice and may vary depending on the complexity of the installation.
Includes Grizzl-E Classic Charger. 3-year manufacturers warranty, next business day replacement.

Benefits of Alliance's at Home Charging Service:


Charging at home is up to 50% less than at public charging stations. Save even more by charging during off peak hours.


Plug in at home and focus on the things you need to do. Avoid countless hours and waisted time lined up at fast charging stations.

Battery Life

Preserve battery life by avoiding fast charging stations and maintaining an optimal charge of 20% to 80%.

Alliance is an authorized re-seller of
Grizzle-E EV Chargers.

  • Can be installed outdoors
  • Simple, reliable, affordable
  • Built for the Canadian elements 24ft cable
grizzle-e_ev charger

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